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Celebrating Aspen Meadows' 3rd Year Anniversary!

Celebrating Aspen Meadows' 3rd Year Anniversary!

Today marks our 3 years anniversary since we first set foot in Aspen Meadows. It feels like just yesterday when we first experienced the serene beauty of Aspen Meadows on March 1, 2021, marking the beginning of an incredible journey for all of us. Time truly flies when you're surrounded by nature's wonders, and we're grateful to have you on this journey with us.

As we celebrate our 3rd year anniversary, we're thrilled to share that our winter season has been nothing short of magical, as we have continued to welcome guests and host founder's tours.

And the best part? There's still plenty of excitement in store for the second half of winter and into spring for those looking to take a tour! Please email us at or call us at 435.901.2500. We look forward to meeting you on-site during your next trip to Brian Head.

Whether it's exploring the snowy landscape aboard Molly, our trusty snowcat, or venturing out on snowshoes to discover the beauty of Aspen Meadows, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for making Aspen Meadows the incredible destination it is today. Here's to many more years of exploration, adventure, and unforgettable memories in this breathtaking place we call home!


We thank you again for considering Aspen Meadows as your new future ski home address in Brian Head, Utah. On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to this opportunity to begin our 30-year legacy journey with you and our Brian Head community. We are excited to assist you and your family in your next ski chapter and journey.

All my best,

Flint A. Flint Decker | President

Aspen Meadows Telephone: 435.901.2500

Address: One Peak Drive, PO Box 190249, Brian Head, Utah 84719-0249


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