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Another Ski Season About to Come to an End…and a Perfect time to Buy at Aspen Meadows!

Another Ski Season About to Come to an End…and a Perfect time to Buy at Aspen Meadows!

Happy Spring everyone! This is perhaps one of our favorite times in Brian Head - that magical time of change in the mountains.

As we transition from an exhilarating winter and welcome the vibrancy of spring, it's the perfect moment to reflect on the highlights that have shaped our winter season. Despite the initial snowfall challenges, the ski season at Brian Head is ending on a high note with our ski season extended to May 5th! We've celebrated many successful events and welcomed new visitors, including members of the Cedar City Nordic Club and many enthusiastic New Founders. Captured by our talented photographer, Mike Saemisch, these images, taken late one evening at our Yurt, encapsulate the magic of our winter journey.


Founders Program Extended another 50 days through Memorial Weekend to June 2nd!

In the realm of real estate at Aspen Meadows, the early indicators for spring are promising. We've observed a notable increase in pending properties and recent Founder homesite sales over this winter season, reflecting a healthy reception to Aspen Meadows and a pent-up demand for a high-quality new ski & summer resort community, never before seen in Brian Head. This early trend, coupled with our release of Phase Two for the Southeast Neighborhood, suggests an extremely busy summer ahead.


Now is the perfect time to select your new ski-in, ski-out homesite lot in the snow… then revisit in the spring and catch the change of season!

For those contemplating the purchase of one of our remaining Phase One homesites or exploring our new Phase Two ski-in, ski-out homesites in the near future, now is the opportune time to visit Brian Head this spring. We are excited to announce an extension of our Founders Program through the end of the ski season in Utah to June 2nd or extended for 50 more days from today! Still plenty of time for that last minute spring skiing trip to Brian Head Resort or just to visit Aspen Meadows perhaps for the first time.

And as the season changes, it's beneficial for all new buyers to thoroughly review the terms of our Founders program. This understanding will enable you to envision your new ski-in, ski-out homesite both in its snowy winter setting and during the springtime when the mountain sheds its last traces of snow.

Founders Program Terms for Aspen Meadows Southeast Neighborhood - Phase One & Phase Two

3 Simple Steps!

Step 1. Visit us in Brian Head and take a tour of Aspen Meadows. Plan on a fun day on the mountain, hiking our many choices and then choose your homesite and we will have your purchase agreement prepared for you.

Here's a helpful tip: Many of our Founders initially selected their homesite over the phone, prior to their first visit to Aspen Meadows, and signed their purchase agreement remotely, and then visited during their 60-day due diligence period to begin the process.

Interesting fact: In about 85% of cases, our early Founders stayed with their original homesite choice. And in approximately, the remaining 15% who signed remotely to start the process, then opted for a different homesite during their visit.

Step 2. Then once under contract, simply wire your $50,000.00 Ernest Money Deposit to Cottonwood Title. Enjoy a full 60-day due diligence period to review all your documents including our Design and Development Guidelines for finding inspiration in designing and building your new ski home - a perfect time to allow you to explore your homesite both now with snowshoes and again as the snow recedes.

Step 3. Then your closing date is scheduled 21 days after your due diligence period. It’s that Simple!

Our Founders Program benefits are now extended through the Memorial Weekend, to June 2nd or for the next 50 days. For more information or to make an appointment this spring, call us at 435.901.2500, and we'll assist you in selecting your new ski-in, ski-out homesite at Aspen Meadows.


We thank you again for considering Aspen Meadows as your new future ski home address in Brian Head, Utah. On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to this opportunity to begin our 30-year legacy journey with you and our Brian Head community. We are excited to assist you and your family in your next ski chapter and journey.

All my best,

Flint A. Flint Decker | President

Aspen Meadows Telephone: 435.901.2500

Address: One Peak Drive, PO Box 190249, Brian Head, Utah 84719-0249


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