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Happy Holidays from Aspen Meadows!

Happy Holidays from Aspen Meadows!

It's that time of the year again, when the mountains are covered in a magical blanket of snow, and the festive spirit is in full swing!

Our community at Aspen Meadows Club is what makes it truly special. Your ongoing support and trust mean the world to us, and we feel honored to be a part of your holiday traditions, present or future. Whether it's hitting the slopes for an unforgettable ski experience or snuggling up by the fire, we hope you can create treasured memories during your stay.

Thank you all for choosing Aspen Meadows as your home away from home. From all of us, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!


Stuart and Margie Histon from Florida, two of our first founders! As part of the Founders Release Program, they received a $500 gift card to Georg's Ski Shop, two season passes to Brian Head Resort, and a $500 gift card to Brianhead Sports. It's always exciting to meet the people who are apart of our amazing community.


We thank you again for considering Aspen Meadows as your new future ski home address in Brian Head, Utah. On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to this opportunity to begin our 30-year legacy journey with you and our Brian Head community. We are excited to assist you and your family in your next ski chapter and journey.

All my best,

Flint A. Flint Decker | President

Aspen Meadows Telephone: 435.901.2500

Address: One Peak Drive, PO Box 190249, Brian Head, Utah 84719-0249


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