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Happy Summer, Everyone!

Welcome to Summer in Brian Head! Much progress has been accomplished since our last communications on April 25th, when we introduced everyone to "Molly" and unveiled our new model home design!

Over these past three months, we have been extremely busy with multiple activities on the mountain now since the winter snows have left, including our first Founders closings on their first chosen ski-in, ski-out homesites, kicking off our summer 2023 construction schedule activities, hosting our many Founder's tours on site and taking new purchase contracts welcoming our newest Founders.

This week, we are finalizing preparations for paving our entire entrance off Highland Drive and into our new road network, including Peak Drive, Flint's Way, Steam Engine Drive, and down to What Hut Way throughout our Phase One neighborhood this month!


Our New Demonstration Home Foundation Comes Alive!

Please see our latest progress on our New "Demonstration Home" site with pouring our concrete foundation and backfilling over the past two weeks. We remain ahead of schedule on its construction timeline.

From our new underground heat-melt system planned in our open courtyard and entrance/guest driveway areas - to our applications above on the roof, demonstrating our use of solar power - our Demonstration Home has been designed and is being completed to provide each of you - the inspiration and ideas found in use in building today's mountain homes utilizing the latest technologies available and showing how you may wish to apply some or many of these ideas within your new ski home design.


Founders' Tours Continue Tours of our Founders Southeast Neighborhood continue all summer. Please visit us soon as the weather has been perfect for hiking and visiting our remaining homesites available in our Phase One release.

Email us at or call us at 435.901.2500. We look forward to meeting you on-site as your schedules allow the best for your next trip to Brian Head!


We thank you again for considering Aspen Meadows as your new future ski home address in Brian Head, Utah. On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to this opportunity to begin our 30-year legacy journey with you and our Brian Head community. We are excited to assist you and your family in your next ski chapter and journey.

All my best,

Flint A. Flint Decker | President

Aspen Meadows Telephone: 435.901.2500


Address: One Peak Drive, PO Box 190249 Brian Head, Utah 84719-0249


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