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Happy Summer, Everyone!

In the past four weeks since our last communication on July 25th, we've seen incredible progress! We participated in or hosted three local events, including the introduction of "Brian - the Bear" in Brian Head on July 24th at the town pond, hosting a "Luncheon in the Meadows", and announcing the upcoming second Cedar Breaks at Night Half Marathon on August 25-26, 2023, together with paving our first roads in Aspen Meadows. Please enjoy our many videos here on our paving of Highland Drive, Peak Drive, Flint's Way, and Upper Steam Engine Drive, down to What Hut Way.


Brian Head Welcomes Brian, The Bear!

Brian Head Town completed the "Brian, The Bear" installation and ceremonies on July 24th. A wonderful investment made in public art for the entire Brian Head community!


"Luncheon in the Meadows"

We were proud to be asked to host our Local Area Business Leaders for a "Luncheon in the Meadows" at Aspen Meadows at our Yurt in early August. We had over 40 attendees from both Parowan City and Brian Head Town attend, including our two mayors, Clayton Calloway and Mollie Halterman, and many council members from both town jurisdictions, along with over 30 local business owners and Marilyn Butler, our general manager and managing director of Brian Head Resort.

Both Marilyn, Clayton, and Mollie spoke on upcoming happenings at Brian Head Resort, Brian Head Town, and Parowan City, including the new "Free Snow Experience" for those learning to first ski & ride at the resort with more details to come this year, and the recent community pool renovation in Parowan, along with ourselves providing our community business leaders with an update on Aspen Meadows. The catering was by our favorite local small business owner, Dayla of Sweet Pea Farm & Orchard in Parowan, and the weather was perfect for the day and enjoyed by all!


2023 Cedar Breaks at Night Half Marathon!

Cedar Breaks at Night Half Marathon returns for its second year to Brian Head. A night race from 6:00 PM throughout the evening to 8:00 AM the next morning. Aspen Meadows is proud to be one of the three founders of this event, donating use of our lands with the USFS and Brian Head Resort and Town where the runners all come by our Yurt on the race course down into Aspen Meadows as part of the last leg of this epic event! Check out the complete 2023 Cedar Breaks at Night Race Guide and YouTube video on last years inaugural race


Founders' Tours Continue - Excellent time to visit Brian Head.

Tours of our Founders Southeast Neighborhood continue with many new Founders joining in the past two months!

Please plan on coming up to Brian Head and visiting us this summer into early fall, as the weather has been perfect all summer so far - excellent for hiking and visiting our remaining homesites available in our Phase One release. Also, plan on experiencing our newest biking and hiking trail, just completed from Walter's Way to Dark Hollow connection.

Please email us at or call us at 435.901.2500. We look forward to meeting you on-site as your schedules allow the best for your next trip to Brian Head.


We thank you again for considering Aspen Meadows as your new future ski home address in Brian Head, Utah. On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to this opportunity to begin our 30-year legacy journey with you and our Brian Head community. We are excited to assist you and your family in your next ski chapter and journey.

All my best,

Flint A. Flint Decker | President

Aspen Meadows Telephone: 435.901.2500


Address: One Peak Drive, PO Box 190249 Brian Head, Utah 84719-0249


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