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Georg’s Ski Shop

- You will receive one $500 gift card to Georg's Ski Shop as part of the Founders Release Program.

Our Founders Release Program
Southeast Neighborhood Phase One

Thank you, everyone! As Founders of Aspen Meadows, join us in helping to celebrate these three beloved local institutions, community leaders, neighbors, and friends!  Our special thank you with three key benefits, to honor each of these community leaders, their many valued associates, and our Brian Head community.

And in addition, our Founders Release Program includes the following benefits:

  •  10% off our Introductory Southeast Neighborhood Phase One Pricing, dated 3.1.2023, with a 60-day due diligence period.

  •  REPC Contract Terms & Conditions: $50,000. EMD Earnest Money Deposit which is fully refundable within one’s due diligence period, while reviewing all disclosures and documents and ensuring your homesite choice best matches your goals for your future ski home!

  • The Southeast Neighborhood - Phase One Founders Release Program is effective from 3.1.2023 to 11.30.2023.

  • Real Estate Professionals: Please contact us at 435.901.2500 for additional information.

Aspen Meadows Southeast Neighborhood: The Southeast Neighborhood is a gated neighborhood with HOA consisting of 65 New Homesites and 2 Mountain Estate Homesites. HOA budget: HOA budget and monthly HOA to be published April 15, 2023 on website. Entrances: Locations of two (2) dedicated gated entrances, off Steam Engine Drive (Main gated neighborhood entrance) and Peak Drive (secondary, back gated entrance) for residents and guests. Master Association of Aspen Meadows. Aspen Meadows Southeast Neighborhood is a part of the Master Association of Aspen Meadows. Lot building time frames: No time limit exists on time frames for building on all homesites within the Southeast Neighborhood. SARC meeting requirement of closing. A minimum of one SARC (Site Architectural Review Committee) meeting required prior to closing after review of Aspen Meadows Design and Development Guidelines, Mountain Zoning, and Brian Head Town single-family land use code. See community documents for more information.

Our special thanks to the three founding Brian Head organizations for our warm welcome into the community.

Aspen Meadows

Founders Program

Georg's Ski Shop

EST. 1965

Stefanie and Robbie Hartlmaier and the entire team at Georg’s Ski Shop

Brian Head Resort

EST. 1964

Marilyn Butler, General Manager and the entire team at Brian Head Resort

Brianhead Sports

EST. 1978

Heather and Chip Deutschlander and the entire team at Brianhead Sports

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